Life Size Minion

Neon Balloon Arch

Little girl or boy baby-so cute!

New Balloon Designs!

We create balloons for all

occassions, fundraising, special

walks and any event!

Summer themed & event balloons.

Carnival Games

And don't forget delicious

Cotton Candy and

buttery Popcorn!

Keep cool with Snow-cones!

 Great for Fund Raising or parties!

Banners and yard signs

Summer Fun!!!

What do we offer for summer?  Snow Cone & Cotton Candy Machine Rentals, Carnival Game Rentals, Table & Chair Rentals, VBS & Fundraising Supplies & Oriental Trading orders with 10% Discount & Free Shipping, Balloon Arches and Decor for Parties and Special Events


We have pre-designed pictures or we can customize one for you--perfect for any event.  

Just give us a call at 270-765-6961 for more information.

We are located at 1111 N. Dixie Hwy, Elizabethtown, Ky 42701 by Planet Fitness and Peddler's Mall.

 Please give us a call  at 270-765-6961 with any questions.  

Do you really want to WOW your guests?  Nothing does that better than balloons.  Today's balloons can be elegant or festive with so many designs and colors!  Click above to see our gallery.  We always enjoy new idea's (and challenges) if you would like something different.  


Custom banners for any celebration  or event.  Our banners are designed and printed on location for fast

service--only a day or two!!!  Please enjoy these examples and call

270-765-6961 or come in to place your order.

We have everything you need for your next event.  Carnival games, wedding items, tables & chairs, cotton candy-snow-cone and popcorn machines. and lots more! Come see us for all your rental needs. Click to see our rental inventory or call today 270-765-6961. 

Welcome to PARTY PLUS​ in Elizabethtown Kentucky

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